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Maurice Pierre


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CD. Our Hearts Have Always Known

Novel. For The Love Of Marjorie

Novel. The Corporate Orphan.

For The Love Of Marjorie by Maurice Pierre

Marjorie, an American citizen from Carson City Nevada, is a world class Photographer and Journalist.

Jean, of African-French heritage and a heart surgeon, was born in West Africa and raised by his father Edmond, in France.

Maurice Pierre with The Tradewinds-_edit

IMaurice Pierre With The Tradewinds @ Madison Square Garden

Maurice with the Tradewinds @ Madison Square Garden N.Y.

The Corporate Orphan by Maurice Pierre

A precarious existence that no one should ever have to experience, not even in the bowels of hell, lived a troubled orphan named Lyzette.

Lyzette eventually gave birth to a baby girl she named Lulu, who against all odds and obstacles, survived and succeeded. Her mighty perseverance in caring for Lulu was a steadfast quality that challenged fate head on as a family.

Her extraordinary strength and resolve proved that her tumultuous early years would contrast drastically with her and Lulu's future.

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